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Replacement Xbox 360 Controller Battery Cover

Home-made Xbox 360 Battery “Cover”     A customer came in looking for a replacement battery cover for an Xbox 360 controller. Obviously it’s not a common part to keep on hand so here’s a little ingenuity at work. I’d though I’d share in case anyone else […]

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Ever Feel Like Using Your PS3 as a Doorstop?

This is What Happens if You go Somewhere Else     This was donated to us by a customer who had to come in to buy a refurbished machine after taking this to another place which is now closed. A funny example of all that a PS3 […]

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Xbox One Disc Reading Errors

Xbox Users Report Disc Grinding Noises   Apparently Microsoft didn’t want Sony to be lonely in the next-gen and already the Xbox One is having many different issues according to users. The largest and most disconcerting for users is loud grinding noises coming from the disc drive […]

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Technorati claim

If you have come across this post please ignore it. It is simply for technorati to verify my claim on this blog. Claim S6832HMCS6Z6.

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PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix

PlayStation 4 Blinking Blue Light   Well, it only took one day  for the PlayStation 4 to start having errors. Great job on that one Sony. If you are one of the unfortunate ones to already be having problems here’s what we have found out so far. The power light […]

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Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Repair

Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Repair   (and why you shouldn’t bolt mod)   If you’ve found this post then you have found out you have one of the Red Rings of Death. For a full explanation of the different red rings click here . Unlike the […]

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PS3 Yellow Light of Death Repair

YLOD What is it? (and how can it be fixed?)   Get the latest Flash Player to see this video. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]   If your PlayStation 3 is acting like the one in the above […]

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Xbox With Two Flashing Red rings

If you turn on your Xbox and after just a little while the fans crank up and then it shuts down with two blinking red rings you have an overheating problem. First thing to do is make sure it’s getting plenty of air circulation. Don’t tuck it […]

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PS3 Green Light No Video Fix

So you turn on the PS3, green light comes on, and you’re waiting for the welcome screen but nothing shows up. You wait another minute, still nothing just black emptiness. Don’t worry it’s more common than you think and perhaps can be solved in 30 seconds. cash […]

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Xbox 360 Stuck Tray

I often get asked about what to do if your disc tray won’t open no matter what. You’ll click on open tray from inside the dashboard or push the eject manually and only hear a clicking as the tray tries to open but nothing happens. Usually it’s […]

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