PS4 Repairs

PlayStation 4® Repairs


If you are having problems with your PS4 you have come to the right place. We have seen and solved many different issues with the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately the PS4 has so many different issues that we have each one on their own page. Check out the sections below and click on the one that best fits your PlayStation 4 problem.

PS4 Blue Light of Death

Playstation 4 Blue Light of Death

Do you turn on your PS4 only to have the light never turn white and the screen to be black? READ MORE ...

PS4 White Light Black Screen

PS4 White Light

If your PS4 turns on and the light turns white but nothing show up on the screen follow the link to find out more. READ MORE …..

Broken PS4 HDMI Port

Damaged PS4 HDMI Port

If you’re not getting any video and your PS4 HDMI port looks like this keep reading. READ MORE …..


PS4 Won’t Read Discs

PS4 Blu-Ray Problems

If you put a disc into the PS4 and nothing happens follow this. READ MORE …..

PS4 Won’t Turn On

PS4 Red Light

Does your PS4 not even turn on? No lights, no beeps, no reaction? READ MORE …..

PS4 Won’t Take Discs

PS4 Won't take disc

Keep on reading if your PS4 won’t take or reject discs READ MORE …..

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PS4 Repairs February 26, 2014

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