Broken PS4 HDMI Port Repair

Broken PlayStation® 4 HDMI Port Repair


Damaged PS4 HDMi Port

Damaged PS4 HDMI


Does your PS4 HDMI port look like the one above? First, if it’s turned on power it off fully immediately and don’t turn it back on. Serious damage can be done by having the PS4 powered on with a broken HDMI port. The good news is that counter to what others might say out there it CAN be fixed!

If there isn’t too much damage we can replace the entire port with a new one. Our long-time expertise allows us to do what others cannot! We can remove the old damaged PlayStation® 4 HDMI port and replace it with a stronger new one. Unfortunately there is no other fix besides a full replacement typically. Don’t attempt to follow some YouTube video and bend the pins back. At best this will only work temporarily, at worst you will short-circuit the PS4 so that it will be dead forever.

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Broken PS4 HDMI Port Repair May 1, 2015

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