PS4 Blue Light of Death “BLOD” Repair

PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death “BLOD” Repair


Playstation 4 Blue Light of Death

     So your PlayStation 4 was working fine then one day you try and turn on your PS4, and then nothing? No white light, nothing on the screen just a solid or pulsing blue light. You check all the connectors, everything seems fine, what to do? Unfortunately this problem, commonly known as the blue light of death, is often caused by some kind of hardware failure that is rarely fixable by the user.

     You could call Sony and try and deal with some surly customer service representative. Our customers report that this most often leads to them sending out a refurbished replacement unit only after receiving the broken Ps4. Often this takes a few weeks and costs over $160.

     Or the best option is to call us or just swing on by Typically we can get your PS4 fixed up in a fraction of the time of mailing it in. The cost varies depending upon what hardware or software has failed, but once we get an idea of what the problem is you can rely on our straightforward, no-hassle, flat-rate pricing!

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PS4 Blue Light of Death “BLOD” Repair May 1, 2015

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