PS4 White Light No Video Repair

PlayStation® 4 White Light No Video Repair

 PS4 White Light

Is your PS4  turning on but nothing is on the screen with no sounds? First off check the color of the light on the indicator bar. If it’s white and stays on keep on reading. If it’s solid blue or pulsing blue go here.

Now, the next thing of course is to check the HDMI port of your PlayStation 4. Is there any visible damage? broken or bent pins perhaps missing pieces means stop right there and power down the system fully. Damaged HDMI ports can cause dangerous shorts that can do irreversible damage to your PS4 and needs to be professionally fixed. See the picture below, if your port looks like that click here.

Damaged PS4 HDMi Port

Damaged PS4 HDMI

     If your port is O.K. then the next thing is to check the HDMI cable attached to the PlayStation 4 itself. Visually inspect it for damage I.E. teeth marks from unruly pets or ravenous children. If it looks fine then test it with another device to make sure if it works. If it doesn’t, Voila! problem solved. You need a new HDMI cable. If it does work then it’s time to bring it in for service. Most likely you have a serious hardware or software failure that’s not allowing the PS4 to boot up. No worries, with thousands of hours of experience working on PlayStations we can most likely get you fixed in no time.

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PS4 White Light No Video Repair May 1, 2015

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