PS4 Won’t Read Discs

PlayStation 4 Won’t Read Discs


PS4 Blu-Ray Problems

PS4 Blu-Ray Problems


     So your PS4 isn’t reading any discs? There are two main reasons for this; mechanical obstruction and hardware failure. If your PS4 is accepting and rejecting discs without much trouble or noise but still not reading them continue on. If it is not accepting or rejecting discs or making odd noises click here.

     Now even if your PlayStation 4 is taking discs there still is a chance of an obstruction, especially if there are little ones in the house. We have seen all manner of household objects inside including credit cards and business cards. More likely though there is some kind of mechanical failure with the PS4 Blu-Ray drive. The laser is a very common element to fail, but the motors and gears can have issues as well that will lead to disc reading errors.

     Unfortunately there isn’t very much you can do to correct these errors on your own. We don’t recommend cleaning discs, as we have seen them scratch the laser turning dirty lasers into dead ones. Sometimes it is a simple issue of cleaning out the dust inside the PlayStation 4 Blu-ray drive. This needs to be done by hand though because of the PS4’s extreme sensitivity to static. We recommend not opening up the PS4 drive unless you have decent experience working in electrostatic free environments with sensitive devices.

     Very commonly the laser itself has burnt out and needs to be replaced. Think of a light-bulb, it only has x amount of hours of life until it simply stops working. Luckily like a light-bulb the laser can be replaced although it is a bit more complicated.  We have replaced thousands of Blu-Ray lasers with new ones that last for years. The repair is usually same day depending upon when you drop it off. Some come on by and drop it off, or for faster service call ahead and make an appointment.

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PS4 Won’t Read Discs May 2, 2015

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