PS4 Won’t Take or Eject Discs

PlayStation 4 Won’t Take or Eject Discs


PS4 Blu-Ray Problems

PS4 Blu-Ray Problems


If your PlayStation 4 is refusing to co-operate and take your disc or eject it, it can be very frustrating. That frustration can quickly lead to anger as you try to jam the disc into the PS4 or yank it back out. Hopefully you got here before that happens, but if not we can still help you.

If there are no children that use the PlayStation 4 (ten and under) then it’s pretty safe to assume there has been a mechanical failure of some kind. There are a lot of moving plastic parts inside the PS4 Blu-Ray drive, and it doesn’t take too muchDsic force to break them. If you do have little ones in the house that have access to PlayStation 4 then it is very possible we are dealing with a foreign object.

There really is no quick and easy solution to try at home. In nine out of ten times these situations require that the Blu-Ray drive of the PlayStation 4 be disassembled, repaired, and carefully re-assembled. This is something best left to us as we have had customers come in who finally had given up after six to eight hours of battling with the PS4. Usually we can have most of these problems fixed the same day or by next day. Call the number below and save yourself some frustration!


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PS4 Won’t Take or Eject Discs May 2, 2015

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