PS4 Won’t Turn On

PlayStation 4 Won’t Turn On

PS4 Red Light


If you try and power on the PS4 and it does, well, nothing then try a few of these tips before calling us. First off, check that the power cable is firmly in place. If it is then check the cable itself for any signs of damage or fraying. If there is any stop using the cable immediately and try a new one.

If the cable looks O.K. then look at the power connector of the PlayStation 4 for damage. Bent pins or cracks can indicate that the power port itself was damaged. This can easily happen if someone trips over the power cord or pulls it out incorrectly. It will most likely need to be brought into us if this is the case, you don’t want to run the risk of shock.

Assuming that all looks well then the last thing will be to examine the wall outlet/surge protector for damage. Of course you should be using a surge protector and if so check that it hasn’t tripped. The process can be different for each one so check your instruction manual for the correct way to check or reset yours. If that doesn’t work then it’s time to bring it in. Your PlayStation 4 most likely has a blown fuse, short, or other malfunction that needs to be handled professionally. Luckily this repair usually doesn’t take long for us to diagnose and fix.


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PS4 Won’t Turn On May 8, 2015

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