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Wii Repairs

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Need A Local Professional to Fix Your Nintendo Wii?

You’ve come to the right place, Game On Console Repair® can take care of you. It is very important that your Wii be repaired by an experienced technician. Improper repair techniques and equipment can lead to multiple repairs and can even cause further damage to your system. That’s why we use proprietary techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to fix your Wii. See below for common problems and repair costs. If your particular issue isn’t listed below give us a call and we can figure it out.

Discs Not Reading / An Error Has Occurred

The most common problem with the Nintendo Wii is that it will stop playing games properly. Symptoms are games skipping and freezing, not loading, or game eject errors. From minor drive adjustments to full lens replacement, we are capable of getting you up and moving in no time!

Wii Black Screen / Controller Won’t Connect

If you turn on your Wii and can only get a black screen, or your controllers won’t connect it’s most likely a loose or damaged card inside. The Wii uses a small Bluetooth card to communicate, and it is prone to becoming loose or burning out. Luckily we have repair or replace the card with our stock of brand new ones quickly and reliably.

Wii “An Error Has Occurred” Screen

If you try and read a disc and a black screen with white writing pops up that an error has occurred, don’t worry. This is simply a problem with the disc drive that can be quickly and easily repaired. See the picture below for reference.

Don’t Forget All Nintendo Wii Repairs Come With a 120 Day Warranty!

Wii Repairs February 27, 2012

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