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You’ve come to the right place, Game On Console Repair® is greater Sacramento’s best console repair choice. It is very important that your Xbox be repaired by an experienced technician. Improper repair techniques and equipment can lead to multiple repairs and can even cause further damage to your system. That’s why we use proprietary techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to fix your Xbox 360. See below for common problems and repair costs. If your particular issue isn’t listed below give us a call and we can figure it out.

  • 1, 2, or 3 Red Rings
  • Error Codes E73 & E74
  • No Video / No Sound
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  • Stuck Tray
  • Open Tray / Disc Read Errors
  • Drive Replacement
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Don’t Forget All Xbox Repairs Come With a 120 Day Warranty!

Xbox 360 Light Codes (Demystified)

The Xbox 360 game console has a ‘Ring of Light’; a circle of 4 bi-color LEDs, with a green LED in the center. This is used to indicate what state the console is in, and allows the user to diagnose faults with the console. Each of the LED ‘quadrants’ has a number: 1 is upper left, 2 is upper right, 3 is lower left, and 4 is lower right. The position of the numbered quadrants stays the same whether the Xbox 360 is placed horizontally or vertically.


Xbox Green Light
Xbox Powered and Operating


The power LED is illuminated green when the Xbox is switched on and operating normally. The number of quadrants lit indicates how many controllers are connected.

Xbox Error 74
Hardware Failure

When a failure of a hardware component occurs, Q4 will flash red. Usually a two digit error code is displayed on the connected display at the bottom of a multi-lingual error notification. (such as E74)

Xbox 2 Red Lights

When the temperature of the Xbox 360 reaches an unusually high level, the Xbox will shut off the CPU and GPU. It will then run the fans at full speed and flash Q1 and Q3 on the ring of light until the console has cooled sufficiently. This can also can be a voltage irregularity with one of the chips that needs service.

Red Rings of Death
GPU/CPU Failure

When a failure of one or more core components occurs, Q1, Q3, and Q4 will flash red. This is similar to the one red light error, but is usually related directly to the GPU or CPU and no error code will be displayed onscreen.

Xbox 4 Red Lights
AV Cable Error

When the AV cable is not detected due to it not being plugged in or to a more serious problem, all four quadrants of the ring of light will flash red. This error will not display on Xbox 360’s with an HDMI connection, instead no quadrants will light until an HDMI connection is made.

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