Xbox 360 Open Tray and Disc Read Error-Stuck Tray Repairs

Xbox 360 Open Tray and Disc Read Error Repairs


Xbox 360 Disc Reading Erros

     Do you insert a movie or a game into your Xbox 360 only to have it go right back to “Open tray”? Maybe it will think for awhile and then shoot out an error message like unrecognized disc? Perhaps sometimes it will read the disc but then freeze in the middle of gaming or viewing a movie? Don’t worry, we can fix all of these problems!

     The Xbox 360 drive has a laser in it with a limited lifespan. This is just a fact; like a light bulb only lasts so long, same with your laser. Over time the laser can become dirty or weakened which will reduce its effectiveness or cause it to burn out altogether. Also there are many other components that all need to work together to read discs properly any of these can become worn or broken as well. We are the trusted experts in Northern California for these repairs, once you bring your Xbox 360 into our repair facility we can identify the problem and the cost on the spot. And of course all of our drive repairs are backed by our legendary warranty.

Xbox 360 Stuck or Broken Tray Repairs


Xbox 360 broken Tray

     This little tray here can cause quite the frustration. If you’re reading this you probably have an Xbox 360 tray that is either stuck open or closed or broken off completely. First things first, stop messing with it yourself! Most likely you will just cause further damage (trust us). The good thing is that this is very fixable and usually fast and inexpensive – assuming you followed our advice. Most likely your Xbox 360 drive just has a broken belt or gear. Sometimes the motor itself is bad and needs to be replaced. Worst case scenario we replace the entire thing, but no matter what it’s way cheaper than a new one!

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Xbox 360 Open Tray and Disc Read Error-Stuck Tray Repairs August 22, 2014

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