Xbox One Won’t Read Discs

Xbox One Disc Problems

Xbox One Disc Problems


Xbox One Won’t Read Discs

The Xbox One has been plagued by disc reading errors from launch.  We’ve seen everything from simply not reading discs to grinding noises and scratched discs. If your Xbox One is taking and ejecting discs keep on reading, if it is making odd noises or not ejecting click here.

Of course the first thing to check is the disc itself. If there are many visible scratches; or any that can be felt with a fingernail, that is most likely your problem right there. Make sure the disc is clean and free of fingerprints or dust and debris. If the Xbox One still won’t read a clean and unscratched disc there is most likely some kind of hardware fault.

One of the most common issues we see is a problem with the Xbox One laser itself. Not only is it very sensitive to static, it can be easily damaged by dropping or having a foreign object inserted into the drive. In addition a power surge can short it out if there is no surge protector in place. It is also good to keep in mind that like a light-bulb the laser has a limited life that can be affected by environment and usage. We can fix all but the most serious errors with the Xbox One drive, call the number below and we’ll get you back gaming in no time.


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Xbox One Won’t Read Discs May 9, 2015

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