PS3 Green Light No Video Fix

So you turn on the PS3, green light comes on, and you’re waiting for the welcome screen but nothing shows up. You wait another minute, still nothing just black emptiness. Don’t worry it’s more common than you think and perhaps can be solved in 30 seconds.

This usually happens after you have taken the PS3 to a friend’s house or switched T.V.’s. The PS3 is very bad about auto-detecting what video source it’s connected to, and if it can’t tell it won’t display anything. An easy fix for this is to first check all video connections and make sure the TV is on the right input. Then turn the main power switch on and wait for the red standby light. Now, when you turn on the PS3 press the power button and keep it held for 10-15 seconds. You’ll hear the first usual beep as it powers on and keep holding until you hear a second beep. At that point you can let go and after a few moments a screen should pop up asking if you can read it. What you have just done is manually reset the video on the PS3.

If after doing these steps you still have no video it could be a more serious graphics chip issue. At that point it’s time to call us so we can diagnose what the problem is and get it fixed up for you.

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