PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix

PlayStation 4 Blinking Blue Light


Well, it only took one day  for the PlayStation 4 to start having errors. Great job on that one Sony. If you are one of the unfortunate ones to already be having problems here’s what we have found out so far.

The power light never goes white which indicates the system is fully powered on, and you  typically have no audio or video. So of course the first thing to do is to check that all connections are fully plugged in and not damaged and make sure the TV is on the right video input. Now; Sony has stated that some TV’s are not compatible, but in our experience if the TV is incompatible the system will power on and you still see something like “format not supported” on the TV.

After checking all that try manually resetting the video by holding down the power button from standby for 7-10 seconds until the PS4 beeps twice. This could work if the PlayStation 4 is having a hard time auto detecting the input type.

Last but not least the PS4 requires a working hard drive to operate. If you swapped out the hard drive out of the gate put back the stock one. Likewise if you have an extra notebook hard drive and are comfortable exchanging the stock drive give that a try.

There are a couple more ideas with the officially released Sony troubleshooting guide. If none of these work and it’s under warranty you have a critical hardware problem and you need to send it in to Sony. Or if it’s out of warranty give us  a call and we can see what we can do to get it fixed for you.

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