Replacement Xbox 360 Controller Battery Cover

Home-made Xbox 360 Battery “Cover”


Replacement Xbox 360 Battery Cover

Replacement Xbox 360 Battery Cover


A customer came in looking for a replacement battery cover for an Xbox 360 controller. Obviously it’s not a common part to keep on hand so here’s a little ingenuity at work. I’d though I’d share in case anyone else out there lost theirs and is looking for a cheap and quick solution.

  1.      First get two AA batteries, a paper towel, and some aluminum foil or any other thin conductive metal that can be shaped and cut easily. We used copper sheet metal.

  2. Place the two batteries in the empty Xbox 360 controller and then fold up the paper towel and cut to size so it makes a nice snug fit between the two batteries. Notice that the batteries are opposite each other in the controller.

  3. Now, cut up your metal so that it goes across the top of the two batteries. It must make contact with both batteries, we cut it so it was the length of the opening of the controller.

  4. Fold up and cut the paper towel so if fits between the top Xbox 360 controller plastic casing and the strip of metal covering the batteries.

  5. Finally, tape everything snugly into place using scotch, duct, or electrical tape.

If you’ve done it right the controller should turn on and work as normal! If it doesn’t work right away of course test that the batteries are O.K. and then make some adjustments to make sure everything is snug. If this works for you send us an email and let us know!


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