Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Repair

Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Repair


(and why you shouldn’t bolt mod)


If you’ve found this post then you have found out you have one of the Red Rings of Death. For a full explanation of the different red rings click here . Unlike the PS3, there are many more things that will cause red rings but we will focus on the most common, the three red rings.

If you came here looking for a way to fix it yourself, we will describe the most common techniques used by non-professionals. If you came here looking for an explanation of what is happening and what the professional fix is you’ll get that too.

First off, if you have the three red rings of death then you most likely have a communication error between the GPU or CPU and the xbox 360. This happens because of flexing from heating up and cooling down over time as you turn the console on and off.


A removed xbox GPU

Detached Xbox 360 GPU


See all those little metal dots? There are hundreds on there that “glue” the processor down and allow it to communicate with the Xbox 360. Over time as the system heats up and cools down from powering on and off those connections flex until eventually some will break. All it takes is one for the Xbox to stop working and get a RROD.

So what we need to do is re-establish the connections with the xbox. There are a few ways to do this which we will describe below.


The Xbox Bolt-Mod X-Clamp Replacement

Xbox 360 X-clamp

Xbox 360 X-clamp

This is a very common attempt to repair the xbox by replacing the stock x-clamps with machine screws. The theory is to apply more pressure to the heatsinks to warp the motherboard and gain contact with the processor. This often works although it is usually very temporary as you are not re-connecting anything just smashing it together.

Now some of you are probably thinking “Wait, if the damage was caused by flexing, won’t warping it more be a bad thing.” And you would be right. This method while working temporarily, causes long term damage by warping the board too much, causing it to red ring again, and often greatly diminishing the success of a long-term repair. We do not recommend this process to anyone who wants your xbox to work for more than a few days.


Red Ring of Death “Heatgun Trick”


This is yet another attempt to connect the GPU and motherboard together this time using a heat gun like painters use to remove paint. The theory is to melt the GPU back together by hand by waving a heat gun over it. The idea is to “reflow” the solder into a liquid state thereby connecting it. Unfortunately this usually ends in blowing up the processor. Heatguns go to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit which is double what is needed to correctly do this. Not to mention no control over the process whatsoever. If you like watching electronics pop apart and being destroyed use this method.

Xbox 360 Reflow/Reball (The Real Deal)


This is the only known safe, effective, and reliable repair for the three red rings of death. The process involves using carefully calibrated machines to secure, support, and re-work xbox 360 processors. It involves heating it up to just the right temperature for just the right time in order to re-connect and strengthen the processor or to remove and replace it with new solder. This method is internationally accepted for electronics repair and the only long-term solution.


Repairing station for Ball-Grid-Array devices

BGA Rework Station


So don’t risk damaging your Xbox 360 with short-term cheap solutions, or using unlicensed imitators. Trust a professionally licensed console repair like Game On Console Repair ™ who has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and warranties all repairs. You can contact us here.


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