Xbox 360 Stuck Tray

I often get asked about what to do if your disc tray won’t open no matter what. You’ll click on open tray from inside the dashboard or push the eject manually and only hear a clicking as the tray tries to open but nothing happens. Usually it’s a worn gear or drive belt inside the disc drive itself. It can also be the drive tray has gotten off track and can’t open properly.

One thing to try is gently tapping very lightly on the edge of the tray as you try and open it. DO NOT hammer down of the xbox or turn it upside down to try and get it open. Also pulling on the tray or trying to pry it open can cause irreparable damage to the drive turning a simple fix into an entire drive replacement. If it continually gets stuck the best bet is to take it in (to us 🙂 ) for drive maintenance. Usually it can be fixed quickly and cheaply and extend the life for quite some time.

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