Xbox One Disc Reading Errors

Xbox Users Report Disc Grinding Noises


Apparently Microsoft didn’t want Sony to be lonely in the next-gen and already the Xbox One is having many different issues according to users. The largest and most disconcerting for users is loud grinding noises coming from the disc drive when trying to read a disc. No one is reporting damage to the disc, but the Xbox One won’t read anything. Little is known yet what might be causing this issue or a quick fix for it. From all accounts this is a factory defect from the manufacturer and there is no solution right now except replacement. It is suggested however for users that bought the consoles from major retailers such as Amazon to return them through the retailer as turnaround times are anticipated to be faster.

The other widely reported issue is extremely slow game installation times, and patch updates. Some Xbox One users report that games won’t install past 0% and or take extremely long times to install. Yet others report that after install massive patches are needed immediately that take quite a long time. At this point it is not clear if this is a laser issue, software, hard drive, or some combination of all. Yet another possibility is a bogged down Xbox Live due to so many users downloading at once. Only time will tell what is causing the problem and what Microsoft will do about it.


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